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その後、伝説のエピックトランスパーティー’Sound Collection’のレジデントDJに 抜擢されると共にマニアックラブなど他のパーティーなどでも活躍、クラウドを魅了した。 その傍らダンスミュージックを広めるため、当時まだ日本ではあまり知られて居なかった アーミン、ティエスト、フェリーコーステンなどを初来日させクラブシーンに大きく貢献。

その後曲作りに専念するため一旦活動を休止するが、着々と曲作りの腕を上げ、 2008年には友人の中村裕太と作った曲がスコットランドDarkRoom Dubs Recordingsなどからリリースされ注目を浴びる。
2010年には Galaxy Reczからソロプロデューサーとしてデビューを果たし、同レーベルからリリースされた。
’Solid’がHernan Cattaneoマンスリーチャート5位にランクイン。
更にイギリスのクラブシーンおいて伝説的なパーティー、’ルネッサンス’ の20周年のコンピレーションCDにSolidのセルフリミックスが収録され話題になる。


Nobuyuki Tokunaga- DJ, Producer.

Born in 1976
From Kanagawa, Japan

Inspired at an early age surrounded by music, at the age of 14 a precocious Tokunaga took up and studied the Guitar.
Following junior high school aged 15, he travelled to England to study language and culture.
During his stay, he was overwhelmed with the British Indie and alternative music scene providing a different outlook. An Aphex Twin LP passed to Tokunaga proved to be the final piece of the jigsaw that set his path into the DJ and music production scene.

On his return to Japan in ’99 he took the Tokyo club scene by storm.
He was selected to be a resident DJ of the famous epic trance party ‘Sound collection’ and appearing and producing over 100 themed parties and nights a year at some of Tokyo’s legendary clubs. This firmly established Tokunaga’s much loved DJ house style.

Tokunaga’s love for the scene did not stop there; he went out his way to spread dance music by inviting household name DJs such as Tiesto, Ferry Corsten and Armin Van Buuren who were little known in Japan at that time.

By 2005 Tokunaga focused on producing for himself and other artists. In 2008 the track he made with his cohort Yuta Nakamura was released from the Scottish Label “Dark room” and “Dubs recording”.

Today, Tokunaga has established himself as a celebrated solo artist, releasing numerous tracks under labels Galaxy Recz. One of his tracks ‘Solid’ (Galaxy Recz) was ranked at No. 5 on Hernan Cattaneo’s monthly chart. Hernan went on to invite and include the Solid Remix in his English club night “Renaissance” 20 year anniversary compilation album.

On the back of this success the artist formerly known as Tokunaga took the opportunity to change his name to ‘Conures’.